B&S Supply LLC has been in business since 2003. We serve the cleaning needs of the oilfield industry, both for the offshore and land operations. Our product cleans No. 6 crude, oil-based mud, paraffin, and road tar. We also serve fishing fleets, supply boats for bilge tanks, trucking fleets, food services for restaurants and bars, carpet and floor cleaning, car washes, wind energy companies for their turbines, and many more.  Our products work with fresh or saturated salt water.


Early in the formation of this company, we realized how critically important it was to everyone to produce products that are truly safe for our environment. Many claim to be environmentally friendly but are not. That is why all of our products are water based, phosphate free, alkaline free, acid free, and have one of the lowest pH in the marketplace. And besides that, our cleaners, degreasers, and friction reducers work better and out performs the competition.


We have a long history of doing business with reputable companies in the oil industry such as Exxon Mobil, Anadarko, Apache, Aztec Drilling, Walter Oil and Gas, Fieldwood Energy, Scan Drill and many others.  They recognized the benefits of using an environmentally safe product that is priced to compete with the acid, caustic, and solvent based chemicals that are currently being used.


We strive to improve our line of goods with new products made with materials of the highest quality which improve and will outperform commonly used industry products that are hazardous to the environment and to our health. We are also affiliated with quality transportation companies and steam cleaning companies that use our quality products to provide superior services for drilling companies, completion companies, fracking, tanks, etc.  We take pride in being able to provide products and services that keep us safe in our day to day activities and want to ensure that same security to our future generations. This is why we are truly the company that provides “Solutions for the Environment.”