Industrial Red Muscle: Biodegradable Soap and Cleaner

Industrial Red Muscle is a highly-concentrated, biodegradable soap detergent formulated to remove oil from engines, heavy machinery, off shore oil platforms and drill rigs. It degreases tanks, barge compartments, bilges, engine rooms, decks and bulkheads.

It cleans oil-based mud, bunker C creosol, mildew and mold, grease, No. 6 crude, carbon dust and most oil-based products. This is water based, working with fresh or saturated salt water.

Not only is Industrial Red Muscle ideal for industrial uses, it’s also highly effective as a concrete floor cleaner in bars, restaurants and health care facilities. Utilize Industrial Red Muscle as your restaurant tile floor cleaner for an eco-friendly, water-soluble solution that’s easy to use and extremely effective.

Industrial Red Muscle is highly-concentrated, heavy-duty, biodegradable cleaner that is specifically formulated for a multitude of tough, industrial jobs. It attacks and loosens greasy, grimy surfaces and is easily washed away with water.

Unlike similar products, contains no Butyl Cellosolve.

  • Health – 1
  • Flammability – 0
  • Reactivity – 0
  • Protection – A

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